Johan Lenox Created A Timeless Album “WDYWTBWYGU”


Massachusetts native Johan Lenox created a timeless album with “WDYWTBWYGU”. During the pandemic, we all had trouble being locked in and Johan really used that time to create a beautiful piece of art. Giving us 15 tracks total, the fluidity and structure of this album are top tier. Each song leads into the next and it has this very specific theme to it. That theme is trying to figure out who you are while growing up in such an uncertain time.

If you’re unfamiliar with Johan then this project is a perfect introduction. He grew up only listening to classical music and that’s where he gets his inspiration from. The strings incorporated with his completely unique voice harmonize together to create a refreshing sound in an oversaturated market. While Johan did his thing we can’t overlook the features from artists such as Cousin Stizz, Ant Clemons, 070 Shake, and a few more. This project from start to finish is easily one of my favorites I’ve heard in a long time. If you haven’t yet, go listen to it now.  


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