Johan Lenox Keeps The Pressure With “I’m A Mess” Featuring Lancey Foux


Massachusetts native Johan Lenox keeps the pressure with his latest song and video for “I’m A Mess” featuring the UK superstar Lancey Foux. First off, if you haven’t heard any of Johan’s music then you need to. With that being said his voice and intelligent production make him stand out in such an oversaturated market.

For this one, he focuses on the title “I’m A Mess” in which he feels like himself and his whole life is just a pile of discombobulation. And in the video directed by Aamir Khuller, it’s the precise embodiment that draws the viewer even closer. After the catchy hook from Johan we then get to hear Lancey come in and bring his own personality which balances the track out. With Johan dropping his project in the next month I am extremely excited about what else he’s going to give us. 


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