Johan Lenox Preps for Upcoming Album With “No One Gets Me” Featuring RMR


Massachusetts native Johan Lenox preps for his upcoming album with “No One Gets Me” featuring RMR. Recently dropping “You Up?”, this is the perfect track to follow that up with. Mastering his sound more and more with each song you can hear how prominent that has become in his process. Focussing on this idea of not wanting to grow up alone the song has this sad feeling to it until RMR comes in pouring everything into his verse. 

For the video Brian Niles directed it and he captured everything this song embodied and more. Visually showing these actions in life that would be considered milestones they can be terrifying to think about like having a kid but Johan tells us that we aren’t the only one feeling that way. With that being said “No One Gets Me” is another great display of who Johan Lenox is, be on the lookout for his upcoming album. 



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