Joony Delivers his Spin on DMV Rap on his New Project”SHITTUMSS”


I may be wrong, but when people mention Joony‘s name, most of them don’t attach the DMV to it. Even though he shows a lot of love to DMV artists, his fans seem to attach him more to the Soundcloud scene given his collaborations with Highway, Ty Fontaine, and 10kdunkin, among others.

However, Joony has always shown love to the DMV, and his new project “SHITTUMSS” sees him utilizing the flows, adlibs, and instrumentals that make DMV rap stick out.

On the track “All Over The House”, I was half expecting somebody like Baby Jamo or Gizwop to berate the beat with their signature punch in styles.

The simple yet attention-grabbing piano melody and the hi-hats are DMV through and through with Joony‘s smooth flair layered on top of it.

“Keisha” is also DMV influenced but feels more like an evil version of “Belly” by Lil Uzi Vert. The song sees Joony shit talking about how much drip he has and the women that he’s been involved with most recently.

Another hot song off the project is “Pretty, Classy & Rachet” ft. Big Weigh. To the untrained ear, the beat sounds like some Cash Cobain shit with its ethereal melody and drill-style drums.

However, it’s a lot more reflective of the DMV underground sound that’s been popularized by Joony along with artists like xlovclo, Big Weigh, and Lil Gray, among many others.

Finally, an honorable mention is necessary ###TRENDING”. Both songs are insane, I’ll let you guys figure it out for yourself.

Check out the project below!


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