Kai Ca$h and CEO Trayle’s “Hellen Keller” is the Collab We Never Knew We Needed


At first glance, Kai Ca$h and CEO Trayle having a song together makes absolutely no sense. As explained by the Ca$h himself:

“…we’re total opposite, Trayle is the gangsta rapper, street n***a, me I’m the cool, calm, elegant guy with the wordplay but the way the two identities mesh is fire.”

Ca$h couldn’t be more right. The two rapper’s chemistry on “Hellen Keller” is more than evident and it’s clear that they enjoy the unorthodox dynamic.

C4 back-dooring, I just want the backend,” Ca$h raps on the song’s hook. Trayle and Ca$h spill out carefully crafted verses over an instrumental with a twinkling, old-school melody with trap drums. “Hellen Keller” is one of three collaborations between the two rappers and, according to Ca$h, wont be their last.

“Working with Trayle has always been fire man,” Ca$h explained. “Our first session was last year when we got introduced to each other and he came in with the energy to work. Since the first session we just clicked and snapped on every record we did together, me and Trayle literally got like 10 songs together it’s crazy.” Check it out.


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