KCG Josh Links With Bankrollgotit On His First Single, “Heartless”


A couple of months back, we introduced KCG Josh to the Chiefers’ pages on our first Undiscovered Gems piece, and today he returns because of his first single, “Heartless.”

As I mentioned on the first Undiscovered Gems article, I had first seen KCG Josh perform at a Maxo Kream concert in New York City a few months ago, and it’s safe to say he had impressed me with his performance. I later came to find out that Josh is blood brothers with Maxo, and their music bears a resemblance (while not being the same). Since then, I was anxiously awaiting KCG Josh‘s first drop. Well, yesterday the Houston native released his first track, “Heartless”, produced by Hip-Hop star Bankrollgotit. I enjoyed this first drop a lot, and I find it encouraging to see a future-star with family ties to the music scene with relatively low numbers initially. That goes to show that KCG Josh is starting off completely organically, and he’s not here to ride his brother’s wave- he’s here to make a wave of his own. Check out “Heartless” from KCG Josh below, and get hip while most people are left clueless of this soon-to-be superstar. This is sure to be an explosive year for him.


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