Undiscovered Gems: Kell Honcho Makes A Vivid First Impression With “Moving Dangerous”


Kell Honcho is an intriguing figure. The Baton Rouge rapper has a grand total of two singles to his name, both of which debuted on the YouTube page of David G. This man is a prominent director and Baton Rouge-native, best known for his work with hometown heroes like NBA Youngboy and OBN Jay. “Moving Dangerous”, which came out in December, appears to be the first Kell Honcho song ever released.

Despite Honcho’s lack of a track record, his singles have quickly climbed to six-figure view counts and he looks and sounds like an artist with a fully formed vision. On “Moving Dangerous”, he weaves snapshots of autobiography into intricate, poetic patterns. “A n***a used to trap, now I’m rapping, my cousin slangin’ bricks / We ain’t know no better, ain’t never stopped playing pick-up sticks.” Check out the video for “Moving Dangerous” below and get familiar with Louisiana’s next rap star.


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