Kendrick Lamar Meets Quincy Jones [Video]


West Coast’s new school King Kendrick has set about on his own expedition this summer, performing To Pimp a Butterfly around the world; an album that received critical acclaim for its radically introspective lyrics, and a fusion of hip-hop, jazz, and blues that Quincy pioneered during the early ‘90s with albums Back on the Block and Q’s Jook Joint.

Quincy Jones A man whose résumé includes helping introduce the world to the beauty of jazz, the genius of Michael Jackson, and the power of hip-hop, Quincy has paved the way for so many musicians, composers, producers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists alike. Born to a generation that used music to inspire those fighting in the Civil Rights Movement, Quincy now spends a significant portion of his time ensuring the youth of today are being led by a batch of musicians dedicated to raising the culture and amplifying their voice.

The two sit down and catch up with things going on up to date in the world. Shed some knowledge and share some enlightenment with each other as they brew out a very important message to us watching at home. Check out this astonishing video above.


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