Keni Can Fly Puts His Own Twist On Visual For “99′ Pollen”


I’ll tell you one thing for certain, Keni definitely can fly. I wasn’t familiar with Keni Can Fly until I stumbled across the video for his track “99′ Pollen”, but I can undoubtedly say that I am now a fan. Hailing from San Diego, Keni Can Fly is no stranger to producing tracks that do numbers. He’s had hits such as “mr. wednesday” and “veering”, but “99′ Pollen” is on a whole other level.

My biggest takeaway from this track is the amazing lyricism that Keni hits the listeners with. He delivers some beautiful bars with some clever wordplay all while swapping between different flows, effectively keeping the listener on their toes. The hook is also really catchy, and I love the effects that were put on Keni‘s voice. Production on this track is dope and does a great job of encapsulating the listener and reeling them in. Finally, I love the video that accompanies this track. It’s super up-beat and and gives a good visual representation of the emotions this track incites in the listener. Everything about this track is dope, and I’ve linked the visual down below so you guys can check it out. As always, make sure you lock in with us at Chiefers to stay tapped in with the latest and greatest in hip-hop!


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