Kentucky’s E The Profit Drops Off His Heavy New Visuals For “Flex”


Kentucky isn’t necessarily known for it’s abundance of rap music, but names like Harlow, 2KBaby, Pangeaux and even Tiller add to the states musical richness. Though, there is another kid named E The Profit and he’s making some solid music that commands your attention. He paired with John Buchanan with these rugged visuals to accent his cut “Flex”.

E’s delivery is unforgiving and paints an ominous tone to lay over this grim production. We see brutality honest shots of the neighborhood and E The Profit is here to match that already present intensity. His cadence is fine-tuned and the chorus is brilliantly repetitive. I can only imagine that this will be one of his best songs to perform because the energy exudes through the screen. Acquaint yourself with E The Profit and stream the gas below.


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