Kevin Holliday Releases Soothing Visual for “Put It Down”


Brooklyn native Kevin Holliday releases this soothing song and visual for “Put It Down”. Stepping outside of the norm, this track offers such a unique and unorthodox sound. Starting it off with this funky 70’s beat which incorporates current sounds as well, it lays such a dope sound for him to come over. Showing us his impressive range, his voice is so soothing yet enticing at the same time. Creating relatable yet one-of-a-kind lyrics, you can’t help but just vibe out. 

For the video, he took creative control and directed it himself. Shooting it completely in this VHS style really makes that 70’s funk sound pop and brings it to life. From top to bottom this song and video is a piece of art, be sure to check it out and be on the lookout for what Holliday has coming soon. 


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