Kevin Powers Doesn’t Wanna Be “Strangers”


Raleigh hasn’t always been an A&R hot spot, one artist from Raleigh has cultivated quite a fan base over the years, and still has yet to drop his debut album. We promise you won’t regret checking out Kevin Powers, he’s truly a superstar in the making delivering some of the hardest, most cohesive music time and time again. I discovered Kevin’s music back in 2019 when he dropped “Misguided”, and have added every single he’s dropped to each of my playlists through the years. Kevin has proven he can’t miss, guess we’ll just have to keep waiting on his first project.

Kevin’s music has progressed so much since then, and he just dropped his second song of 2023 “Stranger”. The songs are all about this girl he’s been seeing on the low, too, in which Kevin seems to plead his case that “with” him she’d “be safer” so “don’t act like a stranger”when they see each other later. Kevin wants to get this all off his chest after seeing photos of the girl and her man together, explaining he’d like to “sit down with” her, “have a drink now” with her and quit the hiding. Listen below for a snippet below of Kevin Powers new song “Stranger” and don’t miss out.


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