Key!, Matt OX and Quadie Diesal Pair Up For The Heavy “Royal Rumble”


This is a trio of artists we need to hear more from and when it’s atop production on behalf of 14Golds, you know we’re in for a treat. Key! sets the tone with the first verse, followed by Quadie and his brilliance chaos.

Young Matt comes in and holds his own with the veterans he’s been working with for a few years now. That’s what we love about all three of these artists, they step to their own motivations and have been influential in music thus far. Key! and Matt are one step away from the mainstream, but basking in the light of the underground is their current arena. Quadie is a favorite of the underground as well, though he’s making waves that are what he truly wants to bring to the light.

This three-headed dragon of creativity isn’t anti-industry, they just know their worth and how to run it up on their own. Do yourself a favor and peep the gas below.


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