Khamari Drops Incredible New EP “Eldorado”


A little while back, we were stunned when Boston singer and rapper Khamari released his single “The Heat.” The song has held up as one of the strongest of 2020; it’s been on repeat for us non-stop. Needless to say, we’ve been itching for more.

And we’re in luck: last Friday, Khamari dropped “Eldorado,” his 6-song, 16 minute debut LP. The results have stunned us. What’s incredible is how deep this short project feels – there’s so much melodic and textural variety that you’ll still be finding little gems after repeated listens. His ear for melody remains astounding. The first two tracks, “Jealous” and “That Girl,” are guitar-driven slow jams that’ll deliver a punch of nostalgic melancholy that’s become one of Khamari‘s hallmarks. The mood lightens for a moment with “Pull Up,” but he pulls us back under during the project’s second half.

“Demons (Eldorado)” closes things out on a contemplative note; chances are, you’ll listen to the whole thing again as soon as it’s over. Khamari is a rare breed; he’s the type of artist who values song craft and emotion above all else. This project is a must-listen, and we seriously cannot wait for more. Listen to “Eldorado” on Spotify down below.



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