killval Enlists The Legendary Nick Mira On “Leave Me Alone”


Here’s something that’s no surprise: Internet Money has released some more dopeness. killvall has stolen the spotlight this time around, and the ever-creative Nick Mira takes the reins on production to deliver a fresh take on his own unique, chilled-out style. Peep that killer piano near the end.

The Richmond, VA rapper is one of the best crooners out there right now; he’s able to spit out inventive melodies at a rate that’s way above any of his peers. Not to be overlooked are the contributions of Dwilly, another IM affiliate whose production prowess is not to be questioned.

Internet Money has been just barely bubbling under for a while now, and I’m thinking that they’ll blow up to crazy new heights any day now. It’s really just inevitable at this point. Peep the track down below on SoundCloud.


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