King Von’s Posthumous Visuals For “Wayne’s Story” Paint A Vivid Picture


Von is one of those artists who had a true gift for story telling. It wasn’t the corny golden era way of touching on the past, he takes you to another event that is literally happening while he speaks. The reason people connected to his music was because of his confidence and the sheer honesty. In these frames for “Wayne’s Story” directed by Joán, we see Von narrate the path of a young man caught up in the street life.

He reflects on this kid’s decisions showing a reality that many know all too well. Perhaps this is even Von reflecting on some events from his past, another reason why the tale is so detailed. The melding of the cinematic elements with Von‘s description makes for essentially a tremendous feature film. Von will always live on because his music was an important part of people getting through their days. He made such an impact at a young age and will continue to do so until the end of time. RIP King Von and may his legacy live on forever.


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