Kmoe Is The Future Of Music, Tap Into His New Video For “Iced Tea”


Shout to Kyle for the oop on this one because Kmoe is one of those artists who will be around for a long time. In these visuals for “Iced Tea” we see Kmoe stroll about the burbs delivering an incredible opus. Shot by Jett Ikonen, directed by Kmoe himself and with some additional edits from Parker Schmidt, this video shined in it’s simplicity. The cadence is unconventional, but the way he breaks apart the flow leaves the ear on the edge of its seat. This can’t really be categorized as any genre because it bends the rules of what traditional critics preach.

Instead of picking apart the art, like these weak, pompous, internet personalities, we at Chiefers like to give props where they’re due. Kmoe speaks to his fans about his insecurities and potential loves, finding a common ground for all to enjoy. The relate-ability is astounding and his songwriting is already top-tier. This kid is a star, so don’t sleep on his wave.


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