.knight Curates A New Off-Kilter Mood With His Project “Potential:Intermission”


.knight is a true undiscovered great from Accokeek, Maryland. His musical approach is pure yet filled with a lovable arrogance. He’s confident to deliver his art, while striving to develop with each release. Today we’re back to showcase his latest effort entitled Potential:Intermission.

Throughout these nine songs, we witness brutal truths accompanied by polished instrumentation. “All Depends” bleeds emotion, all while we hear .knight push through to bring us into his world. He can’t stand the loneliness and we’re encompassed by a rush of empathy.

Most of this project is produced by the in-house collective that is CHESS, which paints vivid progressions and soundscapes to travel along in our heads. “Worse Case Scenario” with Cal Rips stood out because of it’s boasting bass and both of these guys floated through it all.

It’s cool to see the songs broken up with these various production styles and vocal memos. “Intermission” is some smooth shit and it’s as simple as that and .knight’s spoken word approach is amazing. You have to respect this man’s ability to go against the grain in a world of such monotony. We’re here to trim the fat, but never too much, because fat is flavor. If you catch what we’re saying this is one of those projects to delve into, and while the edible kicks in this work sounds even better. Tap in with .knight and we’ll talk to you very soon.


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