Kodak, Bighead And Swifty Blue All Link Up For Their New Cut Called “Swap For A Swap”


Kodak on a Plugg beat is something we didn’t think we would see, but hey isn’t that wondrous mystery of the world? “Swap For A Swap” was produced by the legend Bighead and showcases a stellar soundscape for this duo to paint. Swifty follows Yac with an unrelenting set of bars and confidence that doesn’t lack.

This rugged duo goes back and forth confessing their loyalty to one another in a game full of snakes. It’s great to see two artists from completely different regions link up and float over some production they usually don’t choose. All parties at hand are to blame for the madness and we hope they got some more heat in the vault. Until the next time, peep all of the gas below.


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