krs – Ganja ft. Michael Da Vinci


If you don’t dance to this song when it comes on you definitely aren’t gonna find your name popping up on any invite list to my next suaree. This is exactly the kinda sound that perfectly blends so many sounds and aesthetics and delivers one hell of a punch. Tennessee buzzmakers krs and Michael Da Vinci paired up to drop off ‘Ganja’, a Canis Major produced slapper. The production is bopping and has a Latin sample that will get you up and moving. All the sonics are perfectly sewn together by Chuck the Heir and it really gives the track a breath of fresh air every time Mikey D or krs delivers a bar. Both artists come through with such impactful delivery and memorable rhymes it’s hard not to keep hitting the repeat button with this one. “She said she don’t dance but she smoke the ganja” is definitely gonna be stuck in my head for a minute. The end features a pretty hilarious conversation that obviously led to something involving some ‘Ganja’ (laugh). Listen below and keep in touch for new Tennessee gems comin’ your way.



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