L.A. Rapper Airplane James Gets More Than He Bargained For In His New Video For “Impress Me”


We are living in the most trying times when it comes to separating yourself as an artist. With virtually billions of songs and other forms of media at everybody’s disposal every single minute of the day, how do you compete for already short attention spans? Well, Eastside Los Angeles rapper Airplane James figured it out: just promote your upcoming single by dubbing it over classic black movies. Utilizing this exact notion, Plane garnered a large amount of interest in his newest single before it even had a release date. Now here, and complete with a video, “Impress Me,” is without a doubt some of Plane’s best work.

Directed by Goldby7, the video takes place in Los Angeles, as Plane and two ladies leave from the club to an undisclosed location. Once there, they begin stripping as Plane half-attentively croons the record while nodding off, thinking he’s having the time of his life. With most of his last shots being of ass, and more ass, he slowly fades into unconsciousness before overhearing the two women calling his bank to check the balance on his debit card, which, to much chagrin ends up being under $2. Waking up, he quickly realizes it was a dream, though it’s unclear if he wanted it to be.

Produced by one of the best kept secrets in California, SoundsLikeTC, the soundtrack to the video is probably what’s the best part. Tapping into an unquestioned chemistry between the two, Plane utilizes his raspy voice to deliver one of the best hooks of the year, while also doing what needs to be done on each verse. At no point while hearing this record are you thinking about what you’re going to play next. Instead, you’re trying to figure out how you’ve ever played anything else.

Check out the video below and get familiar with Airplane James.


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