Undiscovered Gems: Lando Ameen Gifts The World A Brisk New EP Entitled “Gene”


Melodies are the ruling factor in music these days and there are certain artists who can really create their own waves. Lando Ameen is one of those names who sounds like himself instead of craving the rest of the pack’s style. In just six cuts you will hear the shades of pain, passion and hunger. Ameen is shaking the foundations of R&B, but in a sense revamping the sounds to attract more ears.

“404 Freestyle” is a great way to start things off because of the incredible production and unhinged delivery. “By The Pool” is laid-back and lush will a precise falsetto to balance out things. “Cherry Bomb” is more of a rugged means of percussion accompanied by a smokey cadence. “Body Count” is the lead single and strolls through your head with it’s bellowing bass and sitar strums.

Overall this kid is making some serious sets of sounds. This is his modern spin on what the genre has been missing for a minute. These cuts will capture your attention and hold them through the entirety of this opus. Shouts to Lando and pay attention to his latest EP Gene.


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