Larry June Did One Hell Of A Good Job On His Album “Very Peaceful”


Larry June slides under some people’s radar, but his new album entitled Very Peaceful rounds out our2018 in a very heavy way. June starts things off very relaxed, yet very luxurious, then slowly warms up the listeners. Now just because of the title one may think there won’t be many trap heaters and that’s not the case at all. “Back Rappin”, “Organic Racks” and “Oranges And Grapes” featuring 03 Greedo all encapsulate that street sound. The smooth work is there with songs like “The Red Carpet” featuring Lndn Drgs and “Mojito Music” featuring Berner and Curren$y. Overall this one is going to be in my rotation for a long time, it touches all the bases of a great album. Good job Larry, we never doubted you’d continue to drop this fire. Stream this wondrous project below.



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