Las Vegas Artist Bennett Takes A Giant Leap Forward On His New EP, “Gloria”


Artist development is one the most interesting aspects of Hip-Hop. That’s why, no matter what, I choose not write about a young artist that I may not like, I instead choose to wait out their growth, as opposed to damning them before they got a chance. Similarly, one of my favorite things to write about is a young artist with potential, as I cover his/her’s transformation into the artist they’re going to be. One person that’s fit the latter has been Las Vegas rapper, Bennett. Having tracked most of his process, it’s with great confidence that I say: He’s arrived. If you don’t believe me, it’s evidenced on his brilliant 5-track EP, Gloria.

Clocking in at 5 records, as well as produced and recorded entirely in-house, Gloria is a 13-minute self-exploration from a boy, who’s turning into a grown man–complete with regret, sorrow and reflection. As he ponders over lost loved ones on tracks like, “Faces In The Clouds,” he also speaks about making sure that connection with those people isn’t lost, by visiting their families and staying in touch with them. On the tracks, “You Can’t,” and “Spirits, Don’t Walk Out on Me,” he seemingly simultaneously comes to grips with losing, “Gloria,” while also figuring out how to fix it, which leads us to the projects best track in, “Waste Mine With You.”

Coupling every single quality that has made him an artist to watch for me–sobering songwriting, infectious vocal tone and a ridiculous flow, for starters–Bennett brings his talents together like The Avengers to create one of the most beautifully written records of the new year in, “Waste Mine With You.” Continuing his story, he earnestly pleads to, “Gloria” about how much she means to him, saying that if he’s going to go crazy, he’d rather it be with her.

With a slate of music on the horizon for 2020, including his debut album, Bennett is in a great position to keep developing into what we’re already seeing as a supremely talented songwriter. As long as he keeps honing his other talents, it should be no time before he’s reached the masses. Listen to Gloria, below.


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