Lil Satan is Another Broward Prospect that You Need to Know Now


Photo by JMP

Broward County, Florida is the home to many talented artists, but it seems to be growing exponentially each year we continue to cover it. Enter Lil Satan. Just like many before him, Lil Satan brings that raw energy that seems to come so natural in Florida.

With legendary videographer JMP working his magic behind the scenes creatively, the South Florida-born rapper is looking like a golden child amongst the many rappers we see in South Florida daily. Recently, Lil Satan connected with JMP on two new videos for “Dr. Miami” and “Broward,” and holy fuck these records are bangers!

With “Dr. Miami” and “Broward” racking in the numbers, Satan will only be an underground prospect for a short amount of time, so tap in now while he’s lowkey because this kid is up next. Until then, check out “”Dr. Miami” and “Broward” below and let us know what you think of Lil Satan in the comments. You won’t be disappointed.


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