Lil Tecca Continues to Prove He’s Here to Stay Here for Years to Come


I rarely play an album front to back these days, but Lil Tecca proves to the masses that you can still provide a full album in 2019. With no features expect a Juice World remix of “Ransom,” Tecca’s We Love You Tecca is up for project of 2019 competing against the highest tier of hip-hop that you could possibly imagine.

With Taz Taylor and Nick Mira leading the production front, Lil Tecca looks like he’s about to dominate the Billboard charts for years to come. The standout record, “Amigo,” is like a “Ransom” pt. 2; it’s extremely infectious and has already accumulated over a million plays from various channels. Long story short, don’t sleep on Lil Tecca. Stream below.


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