Listen to HOODLUM’s New LP, “Southside Story”


San Antonio’s own HOODLUM is no stranger to the Chiefers pages, but this time we come back with new HOODLUM music in the best way —in the form of his latest LP, Southside Story. Following up on his recent LOST FILES 2 project back in January, HOODLUM continues to impress with his unique aesthetic and sonics on his debut album, featuring Maxo Kream, Valee, Paul Wall and various top-notch producers.

Texas as a whole has been really missing something unique and refreshing and you get all of this with HOODLUM‘s music, making him my favorite when it comes to Texas rap. Overall, HOODLUM‘s debut album Southside Story is a great listen, and something to show your friends if you’re the Aux God in your city. Tap in below.


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