London’s Tariq Disu Drops A Hometown Shoutout For The Ages


Tariq Disu has established himself as one of the UK’s more intriguing exports over the past two years, but over the course of 2021, Disu has truly carved out his own visual and aural aesthetic. His latest offering is a single titled “LONDON,” and the track and its accompanying music video functions as a captivating ode to his hometown.

Disu dons a mask and meanders through various South London haunts while maintaining an air of effortless cool. The visual perfectly fits the track’s vibe, which is as hazy as the city’s weather. Disu has been a staple in London’s underground hip-hop scene over the past several years. He’s received praise from the BBC and has been active with Boiler Room. Watching him work, one gets the sense that he’s in it for much more than raps. He’s a community-builder, incrementally crafting his own music world one step at a time.

Watch the music video for “LONDON” by Tariq Disu down below.


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