Louisville’s Newest Superstar, 2KBaby, Unleashes His Ode To Speaker Knockerz Entitled “Ties”


Photo by Flacko.

2KBaby is known for his incredibly catchy songs about the brutal realities of his past. On the path to success you have to overcome the negative opinions from wherever they fly from. 2K is seen in these visuals directed by Flackoproductions, kicking back with the gang enjoying the fruits of his labor. You’ll see a lot of ice and a few whips parked out  front, allowing the viewer to understand just how lavish of a lifestyle this is. We had the chance to get a few comments from 2K about how the song came about:

DC: What was your process for making the record? Did it just come organic or did you always want to pay homage to Speaker Knockerz in some sort of way?”

2K: I’ve been a Speaker Knockerz fan ever since i was young. That’s where the inspiration came from and I really wanted to pay tribute to someone that should have much more respect in the game.

DC: Did you expect the backlash behind the song? It honestly surprised me when I saw the responses because we thought you SNAPPED!

2K: I didn’t expect any of the negative responses at all. I really thought everyone would appreciate the tribute to the legendary SK. I knew I had to challenge myself to come hard when paying tribute to such a classic song.

There might be a bit of controversy behind this cut, but 2KBaby has an immense amount of talent. I don’t think that he bit the flow too much, instead he took a well known cadence and tune, then tweaked it with his own twist. Nowadays you can attribute a lot of these kids melodic tendencies to Speaker Knockerz, the man was truly ahead of his time. “Ties” is paying homage to a fallen soldier who didn’t even get to understand his own influence. 2K snapped on this one plus these visuals will do the trick as well and never forget, RIP to Speaker Knockerz forever.



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