Lunchbox Returns With His New Visuals For The Heavy Cut “Bullshit Again”


Lunchbox is one of those artists who will be around for a long time, whether he’s known for his songs or production. The young 20-year-old phenom is from NYC and he’s already aligned himself with some greats in his short career. Today the focus is on his new set of shots for the track “Bullshit Again”, which is self-produced with some additional help from Redda. The 808 breaks down the foundation of the soundscape sending us floating into a hypnotizing trance.

Then Lunch‘s vocals ring through the air with an infectious cadence adding to it’s already stellar allure. You can hear the hunger brim alongside his confidence which has developed even more since the release of A Dark Night In Gotham. With Lunch at the helm of the ship we shouldn’t be worried, this young man knows how to keep the ear interested. These drugged-out scenes were handled by Camp ALT, creating a backdrop just as rich as the audio. Don’t sleep on this one or anything Lunchbox drops, he’s like nothing the world has ever heard.


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