Lupe Fiasco Tweets Photo Of Himself In KKK Robes, Freddie Gibbs Responds.



Welp, unless you’ve been sleeping for the last few days, then you probably have heard/seen tweeted about Lupe’s crazy tweet. A couple days ago, he tweeted a photo of himself in full KKK uniform with the caption “The friend of my enemy is my enemy. Tetsuo & Youth 1/20/2015″ (which you can see at the below), a still taken from his 2013 video “1234.” We all know Lupe is very expressive, but like what?

Like you guys could image people were not cool with his tweet, including Freddie Gibbs.

UPDATE: They both have apologized publicly via Twitter. So, if there was anything brewing up, it has now been squashed. Like Doob Hefner says, “Long live, Hip-hop.”


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