MAF Teeski Is One Of Chicago’s Brightest Rising Stars


MAF Teeski has exploded onto the scene with his newest project, but its not because of frills or machine made hype. Teeski is the newest face of Chicago and everyone, including the industry is taking notes. The road hasn’t been an easy one to navigate, and he’s been consistently dropping quality releases for sometime now. With the obvious co-sign and collaboration with Herb, it’s looking like this young man is the next to carry the torch for the city.

Slick Almighty is a culmination of the streets raw, unwavering chaos, but melded together in the mind of Teeski. With cuts like “Catch”, “Drench Gang”, and “Do Em Dirty” on the front end of this opus, we hear stellar momentum being built. Along side some of the most authentic songwriting in current music, you can tell this man is just story telling from experience. “This Ain’t That” and “Munyun” are two other records that I stay revisting because of the sheer energy they exude.

Though honestly there isn’t a cut on this project that lags behind the rest and it’s truly a cohesive effort. With Teeski right at the cusp of national notoriety, its only a matter of time until the world knows the name MAF Teeski. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with the heat below.


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