“Mangalica Mink” Is The Incredible New EP From Blvck Svm


Svm is an enigmatic character who lets his works speak for itself. Instead of being washed away in current fads or being pressured to make music he doesn’t feel from the soul, this young man stays calm under pressure you wouldn’t believe. And Mangalica Mink is just that, Svm picking apart the defense with precision only one could wish they possess.

In just seven cuts there is more than enough prowess to do so convincingly. And let’s be real, you wouldn’t have Valee on your project if you weren’t unique. “Tarragonbutter” starts things off quite pimpishly and flows into the already effervescent “hyogo”. “retinalscan” featuring Isaac Zale shines bright in its technicolor glory. “tiffanycase” melds slight distortion of the 808s with the country, glitched out twangs.

The final two cuts “mercurymorris” and “pyrex” bask in this unwavering confidence but with solid variation to leave the ear wanting more. Svm has continued to make stellar strides with his art, but it’s more of just moving on to another chapter. This man is only getting started with his story and this is an emphatic effort to showcase to the world. Svm is the greatest don’t sleep on his work below.


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