Marc Indigo Drops A Simple Visual For “Alone”


A New Yorker by the name of Marc Indigo has grown to a level lately where he’s averaging almost 100k+ plays on each track on Spotify, and 10k+ views per video on YouTube. He’s surely caught our attention, and today, he makes his Daily Chiefers debut with his beautiful ballad for “Alone.”

While watching Marc Indigo‘s video for “Alone,” I was struck by the simplistic nature of it. He still capitalized while not doing too much, keeping his audience drawn in close for all two and a half minutes of the video. I personally love this approach, being that it sheds more light on the music while limiting distractions. With currently over three hundred likes on the bit of content (and not a single dislike), it’s clear that everybody who’s seen it is fucking with it. Taking a deeper dive into his other releases, it seems apparent that his talent is not temporary– Marc Indigo is building a solid foundation for years and years of longevity. We are fully tuned in and are looking forward to more and more fire from this young Caribbean talent. Take a look for yourself and check out the soothing vibes Marc has to offer below. Chances are it might brighten up your day a little bit.


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