Marco Plus Changes It Up with “Steve Harvey” with Quon Papi


Sometimes it’s difficult for lyrical rappers to take a break from the uber-creative, pensive tracks that tend to catch people’s attention. Marco Plus is not one of those people. His new track “Steve Harvey” with Quon Papi still retains the thoughtfulness that Plus‘ songs are known for but with a party-like bounce that places him outside of his usual sound. However, where some would fold and become super gimmicky, “Steve Harvey” seamlessly combines sincerity with a fun, carefree attitude.

It’s a cool change of pace for the young artist and shows some serious versatility. Since being cosigned by JID and winning Genius’ “Cosign” three times, Marco has built a serious name for himself in the ATL hip-hop scene. Stay tuned for more from Marco Plus and check out “Steve Harvey” below!


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