Maryland’s Joony Drops Off The New Video For The Mexikodro Produced Cut “Imma Get Rich”


Do you take pride in your talents and work? Because if you do you would understand why we care about this music. This is full of energy and the feeling it brings us is like nothing else. We care about your soundtrack, so of course Daily Chiefers is here to put you on yet again.

Joony is fresh out of Maryland and he pairs with the legendary producer Mexikodro for the infectious song “Imma Get Rich”. Yes, this is another rapper utilizing the punch-in flow, but he has this one nearly mastered. The mix is clean and you’re able to follow his styling with ease. Dro really went crazy like usual, giving us subtle synths to dance atop his wild bass. The good people over at the Digggers shot and edited these frames, always doing a stellar and pristine job. This one is too nice, we’ll always keep you up to date with the latest gas.


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