Maryland’s YungManny Drops Off “Hey Manny” EP


Maryland’s own YungManny recently killed it with “Moana”, and he’s back with a 6-track EP entitled Hey MannyBeing from Maryland myself (shoutout all the DMV followers!!), I’ve been a fan of YungManny‘s for a few months now and have been patiently waiting for him to release this tape he’d been teasing. Hey Manny has six tracks that are distinctly original–no two tracks are the same and each track has their own particular feel to it. My personal favorites are “Bonfire Pt. 2” and “XanManny”; “Pain” deserves a shoutout as well as it shows YungManny’s true versatility as an artist. Either way, you should listen through the entire EP, you really won’t regret it. Oh, and also–the kid is 14 years old. That’s fucking impressive. Check it out below.



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