Matt McGhee – Beamer Music ft. GrandeMarshall + Lexus Music ft. Cal Rips & Jamie Jermaine


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GramFam/AfterF/Rarehouse representative Matt McGhee delivers two tremendous new tracks in the form of “Lexus Music” and “Beamer Music.” They’re released in A-side, B-side form, with Cal Rips and Jamie Jermaine being the featured guests on “Lexus Music” and Fool’s Gold Records signee GrandeMarshall as the assist on “Beamer Music.” McGhee comes with that smooth confidence we’ve come to expect from him, and delivers some nice rhymes along the way. I really like how he and Grande sound on the same track, and definitely hope they collaborate more in the future.

Catch “Lexus Music” and “Beamer Music” below & enjoy!



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