Matt Ox and Pasto Flocco Link Atop EvilGiane Production For The Vibrant “WTW”


Matt and Pasto is a stellar duo to say the very least. Aside from the fact that Giane handled the production, “WTW” shines bright for the Spring and Summer months to come. This is from the collaborative effort with SurfGang entitled “OXygen” and showcases a effervescent flow of creativity from the parties involved. With production from Goner, Eera, and Harrison as well, these maestros behind the boards continue to put numbers up for the underground.

Though the sound never comes off as anything other than top-tier, Ox stays transforming and evolving year after year. But I think that’s because of the fact that this young man has been a part of the scene for a good portion of his life. This has allowed him to move as a friend as opposed to an outsider forcing creative chemistry. Matt stated on a recent podcast that he knew respect would be coming in abundance, but until that day he doesn’t miss a step.

With a feature from RealYungPhil on “Duff” which always adds another brilliant notch to a project, these eight cuts solidify both Ox and SurfGang‘s spots in the conversation. Do yourself a favor and peep all of the gas below.



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