McGriddle Buns Are 12 For $24


I’m gonna be completely honest, I think I’ve titled an article this before. But this is an important matter to be noted by the masses. McGriddle Buns, just the buns, are twelve for 24 bucks. And if you’re truly tapped into the breakfast ecosystem, this is a steal of epic proportions. As you age in your adult years you will find that the small things excite you and in this price-gauging age of chaos, we need to seek joy in simplicity.

Below are some cuts to live and grow with and perhaps eat some breakfast to. But until the next batch of gas peep it all below.

Nöel – IYKYK

Nöel is back on our pages yet again with a sultry cut called “IYKYK” and this one is built for that late-night cruise. His pen is lethal as ever and he glides over the subtle piano notes on this one. Nöel was bred on the East Coast, but his sound and talents have taken him back and forth across the country. If you haven’t had a chance to introduce yourself to this man’s music, it’s about that time.

Cove – Varsity Jacket

Cove is another soon-to-be legend who frequents our pages just about every time he drops. This time around “Varsity Jacket” is the subject of the day and it intrigues the ear from the get-go. Cove has such a diverse skill set and his inspirations bleed through but disoriented an untrained ear. Though once you get used to his rare vocal runs and genre-bending turns, this guy will stay in your rotation. Distorted bliss to soothe your weary soul.

Tim Buds – Denim Heart

Tim Buds has been a name buzzing in the underground over the past year, but it’s looking like he won’t be under the radar for too much longer. “Denim Heart” sets ablaze to the ground with a steady tempo, but it shines with its minimalist approach. This leaves plenty of room for Tim to cook and pour emotion onto the table. A big thing with artists is their ability to connect with the listener and make them believe what your singing. You can hear the pain and passion in Tim Buds‘ voice, don’t miss it.

Boyu – Flower Garden

Boyu is on our pages for the first time and it’s a bit more of a pop-leaning effort than we usually indulge in. But this project has some moments that should not be overlooked in the slightest. “Monterey” takes its stance in the bulk of the project, but “NYC Ate Your Soul” could reside in a sync of sorts in the next week if the right ears fell upon it. There is potential with Boyu and his relatable song-writing will save the day.

Sighmon – Serene

Sighmon delivers his new EP called Serene and in six songs we are introduced to a rising name with some talent to speak on his behalf. Sighmon‘s tonality is relaxed and stays within a certain amount of range, but it allows the ear to find a vulnerability in his voice. These songs yearn for a chance to be held dear and cuts like “Locked Out” should be added to the rotation. A stellar effort from this kid, let’s pay attention to how he moves next.

Bucky Malone – I Know Sum

Bucky is back with “I Know Sum” and his bag is right in front of us on this one. The frames aren’t full of frills and extra cuts, instead, they stay clean, crisp, and basic for the viewer. Though it doesn’t bore you, on the contrary, it hypnotizes you melded with Malone‘s chant style rhyme scheme. I believe Bucky is slept on and he keeps sending jabs to the doubters, formulate your own opinion elsewhere.

Cee – You Broke

Cee returns to Chiefers with a brilliantly boastful statement cut called “You Broke”. Her voice is gentle but knows when to dwell in the pocket atop the percussion. An airy offering to sit back and smoke to, which is damn near perfect for our brand. Hopefully the next play comes with some uptempo waves to keep the world fiending for more. Peep Cee and her work above.


ANTIMATTR pairs with HVRU, Glasses, Daretoledo, and K-Dawg for their visuals titled “Born Sinner”. These black and white frames carry an ominous feeling from start to finish while each of these lyricists takes the focus. With interjections of anime and slight colors to accent the video, this one will win some new fans after that first watch. Get hip to these guys above.

P1 – Touching You

P1 makes his introduction to us with “Touching You” and this sensual moment is directed by simply Blu. The West Coast-inspired drums send a solid intention of energy and P1 delivers that player shit for the whole world to see. With a lovely woman starring by his side, it’s pretty easy to see what’s on both of their minds. P1 came out to play with this one, so get well-acquainted with the champ above.

Active Balla – Top Opp On Alert

Active Balla is a simple name, but his project Top Opp On Alert is something special to say the very least. This Southern sound is full of energy and attitude alike but shows that Active Balla deserves a part in the conversation. “Menace” uses some heavy punch-in flows, but they stand out as poignant as ever. “Picture Me” is another fire cut standing out from the bunch. Balla‘s twang is distinct and his mode is unaffected by any copycats. This guy is gonna be around for a long time.

Yaarb – Sometimes I “Intro”

Yaarb is here on the site for the first time, but his melodic and honest approach on “Sometimes I (Intro)” make music appreciate his touch. The modern world of music is afraid to dwell in emotional areas, but this one showcases who Yaarb really is. As the video takes you through essentially a timeline of negative events, we are shown how real it can get for people all over the world. Yaarb does a great job of connecting with the viewer and won us over today.


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