Meet FNF Chop: The DMV’s Next Big Star


If you’re a fan of raw, unfiltered lyrics and hard hitting instrumentals, FNF Chop is the artist for you. Despite legal trouble, the Maryland native’s track “Walk Down” erupted on Tik Tok earlier this year with over 100k creates and 1.1 Million views on the platform alone.

However, because of his issues with the law, Chop won’t be back in the free world until mid-2021. According to his team, Chop‘s proper treatment in jail has been less than exemplary, resulting in the young rapper contracting COVID-19 twice. While locked up, Chop and his team have released his debut mixtape, No Exit, a 6-track project that features songs like “ABC’s” and “Drums and Drakes“. Stay tuned for more from FNF Chop and check out his other music below!


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