Exclusive: Meet Ro Ransom The New York Artist Who Wants All The Smoke


A name many know, but some don’t seem to know quite yet is Ro Ransom. Why is that? I’m really not sure, but I’m here to tell you that’ll change very soon. With seventy-five million streams alone on Ro’s  “See Me Fall” remix featuring Y2k, the New York artist has been turning multiple heads for obvious reasons. I had the pleasure to ask Ro Ransom some questions recently about his early influences, latest project, and what else to expect. Scroll down and check out our conversation, enjoy!

Where is Ro Ransom from? Have you been there all your life?

I’m from New York, I’ve lived here all my life. I was born in Queens, moved to Harlem and did my dirt on the Upper West Side. That’s basically the trifecta.

What was your early childhood like? How did that play a part in your life generally speaking and musically speaking?

I was happy back then. There was no Instagram. Handing out a lot of Playstation ass-beatings. We still doing that by the way, my PSN is lilwaynestaley. I didn’t really get into the shit that inspired my music until I was a teenager for real. That’s when I started to see the dark side of New York. Drugs and gangs and thotties fucking for drugs while dating the gang members, you know, the usual.

What were some early influences that you listened to? Did those artists shape your music and style?

Aaliyah was huge for me. Eminem was my first favorite rapper, I bought The Eminem Show probably 10 separate times, if not more. Jeff Hardy is a hero of mine. Sasha Grey influenced me for sure.

When did you start making music and taking it serious?

Probably around 2012, that’s when my first mixtape as Ro Ransom came out, Ransomnia.

Your latest hit “Wraith” that has substantially gone up over the past couple months. What was making the record like and also music video?

Shout out to Brazil! Brazil fucking with the record heavy too. I need the Brazilian lapdance, from the baddest. Making the song happened pretty quickly. We had been listening to a lot of Destiny’s Child and I just got in the booth and started singing. Micah’s my witness. The video was fun too.

With all your music and last EP doing very-very well. How does it feel to be so regarded by all these high-end publications and sources?

I mean in one sense it’s amazing. As an artist you want people to fuck with your shit. But in another sense it’s my job to not care because at the end of the day I have to still come with that fire, no matter if Jay-Z and The Beatles co-sign me. Everything comes back to me coming with that fire, so while I do appreciate it, I definitely don’t let it affect me.

So this EP, Possessed. Can you tell me a little more about and the process of making the project?

This EP is about a lot of things, it’s about trying to heal your demons with worldly vices and possessions. Spoiler alert, that shit didn’t work. Sonically, I’d say it’s the most feminine music I’ve ever made. I followed what I consider to be the feminine spirit on here. I was listening to a lot of TLC, Madonna.

Since Possessed has already dropped, what else we can expect from Ro?

Just expect me to be fucking shit up. I’m on these nigga’s heads once again. I hope a hater is reading this just so they know they can suck my dick because they’re about to be real tired of me being on their fucking heads. But more importantly, I love every single supporter, cause that’s where the energy comes from.


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