Meet St. Petersburg, Florida Superstar GUCCI $ANTANA


As you can tell, Florida is bubbling with talent right now, and that goes for the entire state. Enter St. Pete native, GUCCI $ANTANA. His latest song for “Taliban” is starting to move on the internet, and is a glimpse of what he can really be. This kid is talented.

He’s extremely talented, going from hard nose records such as “DieWitMe!” and “On $ight,” to melodic records like “Guap” and “Fine$$e.” It’s really impressive. He gives me Carti vibes, mixed with that grimy influence that you see from most Florida rappers like XXX and Ski Mask the Slump God.

Recently, GUCCI started going crazy, releasing three songs in as many weeks including his most recent songs, “Taliban” and “Don’t Do That.” No telling if these songs will be apart of a bigger project, but either way, we’ll keep you updated. Check ’em out below. You’ll thank us later.

Check out his most recent song and visual.


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