Metro Marrs Delivers His Incredible Debut Mixtape Entitled “Popular Loner”


Metro Marrs has been having a wild 2021 and to be perfectly honest, it’s only going to get crazier. His sound is infectious and the damn near perfect style for our modernized auditory world. This is a brilliant product of QC, Since The 80s and Playbook, forming an ultimate brain trust to bring us nothing less than a high-quality product.

In just ten cuts, we hear a number of sides of Marrs that will sprint through your mind all summer. “Don’t Need Much” and “Back Of The Club” are two waves that really stand out to the ear, simply because of the energy they curate. With production from Bakkwoods, 808Blake, LeVieux, TRGC, Gravity, Kie Carson, Nash B, Christo, DJ Slva, BLK, Bass Charity, Supermiles, Spencer Stewart, and Lonestarr, it’s pretty apparent that this project is truly a meeting of the minds.

Marrs recently broke the internet by giving back to his peers and their future endeavors at graduation. Unfortunately, the hate was in the air and the school wanted to suppress his celebration. After all of that Marrs and his team even created a scholarship to extend the reach of the community. Marrs has risen above it all to gift the world a stellar opus and he’s trying to make some real change out here. The music is going to be making more noise than anything else and it’s building a shining career ahead of him. We have a strange feeling the world is about to catch up to the wave, so peep the gas below.


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