Miami’s Phoenix James Delivers Her Moving Visuals Entitled “4 Walls, 1 Me”


Sometimes all it takes is a follow and a click to discover some new talent. Phoenix James hails from Miami, Florida and her sound only accentuates the already vivid nightlife. In these frames for “4 Walls, 1 Me” we see James delivering her performance among blank mannequins, a sure metaphor for the current times.

The pulsating kick and instrumentation only adds to her vibrant allure. There’s something very freeing about her vocal approach, residing in a powerful realm that still possesses a gentle quality. With direction from WorldWideRico, James paints the sky with her sound and the true focus of the visuals are on her music. This is off of her album Aw(ful)some out now, so peep this below and delve into some fire.


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