Michal Michal Has Two First Names And Unreal Music


This was sent to me by a trusted ear, so after taking the dive I must say that it’s worth the time. Michal Michal was not on my radar, but after hearing this two-pack of waves, let’s just say we’ll be tapped in from here on out. With these precise cuts filled with vivid emotions, Summer’s End is an aptly titled EP, to say the least.

“Hope” starts things off with this opaque, atmospheric instrumentation that our protagonist soon paints on the canvas. You can hear the honesty and pain in this cut, telling tails of heartbreak and loss and trying to get through it. The authenticity runs rampant and allows the new listener to connect to the song and the pain alike. It’s an unfortunate truth, but our connection to these songs often comes from a place opposite of joy. The title track does a great job showcasing resilience even when he’s dealing with family issues and problems with his girl. Michal doesn’t run away from his truth and what goes on in his day to day and that’s an important attribute to have.

Overall Summer’s End gives the new fan a chance to learn about his struggles, but why they need to stick around for the ride. It’s real music, not created by a machine or a wild budget. Do yourself a favor and get to know Michal Michal below.


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