Michigan Creative 6o Returns With “Dried Out”


Emo inspired hip-hop has grown from the depths of SoundCloud to the mainstream. I often feel that much of this subgenre can be a derivative of the pioneers such as Peep, Lil Tracy, and even Juice WRLD. However, 6o manages to shock me in where this sound can be taken. With his new track “Dried Out”, 6o harmonizes over a grunge-inspired guitar lick. You can hear the heartache in his voice, he croons, “Too much said, shouldn’t have sent them texts, but I need some closure. Since we ended things, I haven’t been sober”. Which is too relatable, and that hurts.

The hook is easily one of the highest points of the record for me; this thing is catchy as all hell. Even Though 6o may be depleted and dejected on this track, he gave his all during this performance. Hopefully, this release will be followed by a project because I am excited to see what is to come.


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