Midwest Rapper Richie Bux Returns to The Forefront With His Assertive New EP, “Early Infamy 2.5: Prize Fight”


For the most part, aggression is based on perception. What you may think of as somebody being overly assertive, might just be what they call having, “passion.” Sure, there are blatant, undeniable outbursts of aggression, but I’m mostly talking personality, here. We all have that friend who has a big dream, that’s actually reachable, who never shuts up about it and depending on your day, he’s either passionate or aggressive. That’s what it’s always been like listening to Indiana rapper, Richie Bux. It’s like you’re listening to somebody who’s doing their best to convince you, though he doesn’t have too. On his impressive new EP, Early Infamy 2.5: Prize Fight, it’s apparent that there’s no more convincing, he’s here.

Serving as the 4th installment of his popular Early Infamy series, Prize Fight is probably the most comfortable we’ve seen Richie yet, as far as experimenting with different sounds. Utilizing auto-tune a bit more, he shines on records like, “Out The Mud,” a sobering, yet necessary track that finds Bux crooning about his journey from rags to near riches. He also dabbles more into mainstream territory with the songs, “Stickin & Movin,” and “Chump Change,” which feature popular internet artists, Impact RH and Le$LaFlame. Those rely on heavy synths, wacky melodies and sheer energy to create two of the more engaging songs on the project.

Other standouts include, “Murder Rate,” the fast paced lead-single that finds Bux and BambinoMafioso pondering over raising the murder rate in the city. “Yeah,” which is classic Bux showcasing his Midwest charm, and perhaps the best song on the project, “Ironman.” Although this song is only 2-minutes, this is the most polished that we’ve heard Bux to date. He sounds confident, aggressive and ready for whatever comes next. In 10-years, we’ll view this song as the turning point.

Take a listen to, Early Infamy 2.5: Prize Fight below and stay familiar with Richie Bux.