Min.a Reaches New Creative Highs on the Moody “everyone is greedy”


Korean-American artist Min.a returns with the stellar track “everyone is greedy”. This record combines elements of alternative rock, R&B, and indie! This is honestly one of the best records I’ve heard in the past months. The moody production highlights the beautiful guitar chords giving it an interesting dichotomy. Where it feels very modern and sleek but still has an air of comfort.

Min.a lyrically explores being tired of greedy people that come into her life. Refraining “Everyone is greedy, you’re so fucking greedy”, this makes for her most passionate performance to date. Laiko also gives a stellar performance as the feature, showcasing his distant and airy vocals. That adds to the moodiness of the track and complements Min.a creative direction. The final chorus is larger than life, and these artists have genuine chemistry on the record. Make sure you check out this track below!


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