Mo Bangaz Goes Mental in EP “Asylum”


Rhode Island native Mo Bangaz goes mental in his latest EP “Asylum”. Over the past two years Mo has been developing and evolving into the artist that he always wanted to be. Keeping his presence steady and his drive at an all time high, “Asylum” is the result of determination and flawless execution. 

Getting right into it the first track “Angel In the Sky,” produced by F1lthy, Orheezyx, and Ayokiddy, the latest record by Mo really sets the tone with high energy and melodic lines that stick with you throughout the track. Giving us five tracks with no features it’s a solo showcase, but that doesn’t lessen the art being created. Delivering with different flows, catchy hooks and top tier beats this EP has it all. With that being said “U Ain’t Gang” produced by Devstacks has to be the standout track. Dev produces this angelic beat and Mo effortlessly floats over it talking his shit with his unique voice that has been hitting. Next we need a Mo Bangaz and Devstacks vocal hit. Mo really is that guy, starting off the year with this I can’t wait to see more success come his way soon. 


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